Uribes Landscaping:

Our Tree Services and Our Mission

Uribes Landscaping & Tree Services is a locally owned and family operated business providing commercial and residential tree maintenance and removal in Yakima County. We’re in business to serve our customers and to take care of the trees that make the Pacific Northwest so special.


Commitment to Homes and Businesses

For our customers, our job is to maintain the trees that provide beauty, shade and comfort, while reducing the risk of structural damage or bodily harm caused by falling trees, branches or debris. Properly planted and maintained trees also reduce fire risk and maximize a property’s view potential.

Commitment to Trees

Trees provide the air we breathe, natural habitats for birds and squirrels, deep roots to hold the landscape and unparalleled natural beauty. While some people think suburban trees are an obstruction to views of the water and mountains, trees are a beautiful and important part of the landscape; they’re worth preserving and protecting whenever possible.

Large Tree Experts

Uribes Landscaping & Tree Services can handle any kind of tree maintenance or removal project. We utilize current state of the art methods and equipment, including saws, safety gear, trucks and lifts. We’re large tree maintenance experts, using spikeless methods whenever possible to scale trunks and prevent damage while inspecting or pruning.

Guaranteed Work

We’re prompt, polite and we guarantee our work. We’ll take the utmost care of your property while we’re there and clean up all of our debris when we’re done (save for a minor amount of sawdust that makes for good mulch).

Why Insurance Matters

Most importantly, we’re licensed, bonded and insured to eliminate your financial risk and liability while services are being performed. Other tree services might provide cheaper bids, but short-term savings could cost you more in the end if there is an accident on the job or if structural damage occurs due to poor workmanship. Uribes Landscaping maintains glowing reviews from customers. Learn more about why you should only hire Licensed, Bonded and Insured Contractors.